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What is considered low triglyceride level? Anything over 500 mg/dL is considered very high. There is no current range for low triglyceride levels. However, if your triglyceride levels are very low, this may indicate an underlying condition or disease.
Are statins over prescribed? Statins are some of the most prescribed classes of drugs worldwide. Most medical guidelines recommend the use of statins for people with no history of symptoms when their expected risk of developing cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years is 7.5–10 percent.
At what cholesterol level should I take medication? The ideal level for this "bad" cholesterol is under 130 mg/dL, or 3.4 mmol/L. If you've had a heart attack, aim to keep it below 100 mg/dL, or 2.6 mmol/L. If you're at very high risk of a heart attack or stroke, you may need to aim even lower (below 70 mg/dL, or 1.8 mmol/L.
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